How to Get a Free Facebook Ad Coupon

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facebook ad coupon

Can you get free advertising on Facebook, Google, or Bing?

The answer is “sorta” yes. All the companies just mentioned want to encourage new companies to start advertising and, from time to time, run promotional campaigns which offer free advertising credits.

There seems to be a trend towards reducing the amount of the free advertising credits or requiring some spend on the part of the new advertiser to use the credit.

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How To Get A “Free” $50 Facebook Ad Coupon for $12 From GoDaddy

The cheapest way to get a “free” $50 Facebook advertising coupon is to purchase a 3 month WordPress hosting package from   In exchange for spending $3.99 per month (basically $12 for 3 months), you will receive a $50 Facebook coupon,  $100 Adwords credit, and $100 Bing /Yahoo! search credit. I almost forgot, you will also get 3 months of wordpress hosting for small site  (less than 25,000 visitors to month). To take advantage of this offer click on this link, go to the main navigation and click on  “Hosting & SSL“, then select “WordPress site / blog”.

Totally Free –$50 Coupon For Bing / Yahoo! Search Engine

If you’re looking to get your feet wet with online advertising, Bing offers a free $50 ad credit for new advertisers.  Click here to get your free $50 of Bing search engine advertising.

Lets discuss the limitations of using these coupons:

  • Coupons range in value from $25 to $100.
  • You can only use one coupon per account. In other words, if you have five $50 coupons, you will not be able spend $250 advertising one website.
  • If you been advertising for a while, for example a few weeks, generally speaking the companies will not allow you to apply the credit to your account.

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There are four main ways in which you can get free advertising:

  1. Directly from the companies.
  2. Through your website hosting company. (ie GoDaddy).
  3. Via resellers on sites like Fiverr
  4. From Facebook itself (program has been discontinued), by liking the official Facebook Business Page

Google and Yahoo! / Bing Both Directly Offer Free Advertising Credits

Yahoo! and Bing sell their search advertising product together. They do offer a free advertising credit of $50.

Free $50 Yahoo! / Bing Advertising Credit

The free adwords advertising credit is very generous at $75. However, there is one small catch. You need spend $25 of your own money to get the credit.  For more on how to advertise your business on Google go here.

Free $75 Google Adwords Credit

Most Major Hosting Companies Have Deals With Google, Facebook, and Bing!

If you already have a website and are paying for hosting services, then you probably are eligible to receive credit for free online advertising. Your hosting company will provide you with a Facebook ad coupon code and adwords coupon code, which will you will be able to redeem for an advertising credit.

While the deals change from time to time, here are one that are currently being offered:

  • Google – $100 Adwords Credit Which Becomes Active When You Spend $25
  • Facebook – Free $50 Facebook Ad Coupon
  • Yahoo! and Bing – Free $100 Ad Coupon

If you have not yet chosen a hosting company we recommend GoDaddy.

Other Methods For Getting Free Facebook Ad Coupons

Facebook has issued thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of coupons in the past. Many of them were not actually redeemed and are available for sale on sites like Fiverr for a small amount, like $5 for a $50 coupon. When a buy a coupon, there is a risk the Facebook coupon may have expired or have been used by too many people, and as a result, you want to be careful who you buy the code from.

Here is a list of quality sellers from IM Promocoders.

Facebook Business 

Sometimes, you can get coupons directly from Facebook. Facebook has an official business page where they post marketing tips, highlight certain successful businesses, and share other business related content. If you like their page, you can get ad coupon codes from time-to-time, that they send out to all subscribers/followers. Like many Facebook coupons, you have to spend a minimum amount in order to qualify for the coupon.

How To Redeem A Facebook Ad Coupon

  1. In the settings of your Facebook account, click on on “Manage Ads”
  2. On the left hand navigation, click on “Billing” then “Funding Source”
  3. In the upper right hand corner of the screen, click on “Add New Funding Source” and click on “Facebook Ad Coupon” and input your Facebook ad code.

To use the Facebook Ad Coupon credit, you will need to enter credit card information.  Facebook will always first use the advertising credit up fully before charging your credit card.

Here are Facebook’s F.A.Q.s regarding ad coupons if you have further questions.  For more on how to get the most out of Facebook advertising see our free guide on the topic here, or any questions on Facebook advertising costs see our article here.

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