Facebook Marketing Quiz: Can you answer these social media questions?

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social-media-quizWe would like to thank all the contributors to the Facebook Marketing Quiz for submitting social media questions and answers. Here is the list of contributors:

(Text version of the Facebook Marketing Quiz with answers appears below the list of contributors.)

Josh Berger of Interconnected Worldwide

Evan Wright of Digital Parc

Erika Madden of Olyvia Media

Jasmine Davis of Community Elf

Katie Mayberry of Spyglass Digital

Scott Hancock of Growth Media

Johnathan Grzybowski of Dino Enterprise

Sylvia Heneghan of PostcardMania

Jeff Howland of Dream Local Digital

Patrick Rafferty of Online Optimism

Collin Davis of adspringr

Krista Bunskoek of Wishpond

1) Which of these statements is true when it comes to Facebook’s Cover Photo?

a. Covers can’t be deceptive, misleading, or infringe on anyone else’s copyright.

b. The text on the cover photo must be less than 20%

c. You cannot use call-to-actions in the cover photo

Answer: A

Last year Facebook removed all of their cover photo guidelines except that the covers cannot be deceptive or misleading. All else goes!

2) What is facebook engagement?

a) When someone views your page

b) When someone views your post

c) When someone likes, comments or shares your content

Answer: C

Engagement is key to generating more views of your content. Facebook decides if the content that you posted is worthy, by the amount of engagement it receives. The more engagement you have, the more people will see your post; so make it a good one!

3) Which of the following is NOT an audience characteristic that can be used to define your target audience for a Facebook Ad?

a) Location

b) Shoe size

c) Political Affiliation

Answer: C

Facebook allows you to target your ads to a very select group using many different demographics including location, interests, previous Facebook activity, and much more.

4) Your ad on Facebook will be approved if…?

a) it invites people to buy beer at your store

b) it leads to a landing page with a pop-up

c) it uses a “before and after” image

Answer: A.

Ads may not lead to websites with a pop-up or pop-under, and they may not contain “before and after” images. Full details on the policies.

5) How do you optimize your facebook ad to get the lowest cost per like?

a) use broad keywords

b) use specific keywords

c) use the categories they provide

Answer: B

The more specific your keywords are, the less the cost per like will be. For example, instead of using the keyword “dessert,” use the keyword “pecan pie.” By making your keywords specific and by using an extensive amount of them you will find your cost per “like” will drop significantly.

6) Which Facebook metric is most important for figuring out how many people see your content?

A) Number of Likes

B) Number of Shares and Comments

C) Organic Reach

Answer: C

Organic Reach tells you how many people your content is reaching, while the other two numbers tell you how many people are engaging with your content. They are related, but separate, measurements.

7) What type of Facebook post typically receives the most actions/engagement from fans?

a) Links

b) Images/Photos

C) Video

Answer: B

Images/Photos generally receive the most actions or engagement from fans. This is especially true with Facebook’s layout changes that add emphasis on high quality images.  More Info

8) When is the most effective time to post for maximum engagement?

a) Monday afternoon

b) Wednesday morning

c) Thursday evening

Answer: C

Facebook shows a dramatic spike in engagement on Thursday evenings.

9) What are the proper dimensions for a picture to be optimized on a Facebook status?

a) 851 x 315

b) 403 x 403

c) 800 x 1200

Answer: B

10) What are the three primary factors that EdgeRank (Facebook’s algorithm) consists of?

a) Time Decay, Number of Characters, Affinity

b) Affinity, Weight, Time Decay

c) Number or Characters, Likes, Images

Answer: A

The Time Decay factor is based on how long ago the edge (an action taken on Facebook) was created. So the older an edge the worst it ranks…

Affinity simply means how engaged the follower is with your page. Do they comment on your posts, like your photos, etc.? The more a follower interacts with your page, the higher you rank in the Affinity metric.

1) Facebook posts with images have better reach and engagement than those that are text only. True or false?

a) True

b) False

Answer: A

Photo posts get 39% more interaction than links, videos or text- based updates. Photos get 53% more likes, 104% more comments and 84% more click-throughs on links than text posts, according to Kissmetrics.

12) What’s the best way to use Facebook ads that target people who have visited your website?

a) Run a ‘Page Post Engagement’ ad

b) Run a ‘Clicks to Website’ ad

c) Run a ‘Website Conversions’ ad

Answer: C

In order to target people who have visited your website you must add a Facebook conversion tracking pixel to your website and then develop a custom audience that uses the data collected with it.

13) What is the ideal length for a Facebook post?

a) Less than 40 characters

b) 80 characters

c) Greater than 100 Characters

Answer: A

Less than 40 characters More Info

14) When creating a lookalike audience using Facebook’s Power Editor, which browser must be used?

a) Chrome

b) Safari

c) Firefox

d) Internet Explorer

Answer: A

Chrome is the only supported browser that works with Power Editor. While ads can be created in other browsers, when developing lookalike audiences through Power Editor you must use Chrome

15) Which of the following actions can’t be performed with Facebook Power Editor?

a) Target users by their name

b) Target users by their email ID

c) Target users by their phone number

Answer: A

In Facebook power editor, you can target users by their Unique Identification IDs (UIDs) but you can’t target them specifically by name.

16) What is a dark Facebook post?

A) A Facebook post that is unpublished on a page’s timeline, but can be used for advertising purposes.

B) A Facebook post generates a high volume of negative comments.

C) A Facebook post that receives less than 100 impressions.

Answer: A

A post that is unpublished on a page’s timeline, but can be used for advertising purposes. Through Facebook’s Power Editor tool, page administrators can create a post for the sole purpose of using it for an advertisement. This allows brands to test various types of posts without cluttering their timeline with the same topic.

17) When running a contest on Facebook, which of the following is not a legal means of entrance?

a. Like to Enter

b. Share on your/your friend’s Timeline to enter

c. Comment to Enter

Answer: B.

Facebook recently changed their promotion rules so that businesses can ask Fans to Like or Comment on a Post in order to be entered into a promotion. However, it is still illegal to ask Fans to Share a post as a means of entering.

18) The question: Where do you place a conversion tracking pixel?

a) Facebook Page

b) Initial landing page

c) Thank you page

Correct answer: C

Conversion tracking pixels are a code (which Facebook gives you) that you copy and paste onto your site. The purpose of conversion tracking pixels are to track your conversions. In other words, you can track and measure your sales, leads, registrations etc.




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