The SEO Scholarship

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seo scholarshipWould You Like to learn SEO and earn a $1,000 scholarship?

SEO (also known as search engine optimization) is about getting your articles to rank on the top of organic (non-paid) search results when a person does a search on Google or Bing. To participate in this contest you will need to write an original blog post on a small business topic, and get it to organically rank for the following phrase: “coffee shop marketing ideas”.   The $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to the college student which has the highest ranked (top most) non-paid listing that appears on the first page of the Google search results for the phrase “coffee shop marketing ideas” on November 7th, 2014. To successfully compete in this contest you will need to learn about various on-page and off-page search optimization techniques. Below are a list of resources to help you learn about SEO.   SEO is an important skill which is highly prized in the job market and very useful if you chose to launch your own company.

Entry Criteria:

  • Your blog post on “coffee shop marketing ideas” must be well written, informative and original. In the post, you must mention Fit Small Business.
  • U.S. citizen or permanent resident;
  • Currently attending full-time in post-secondary education in the United States; and
  • If you win, you must be willing to allow us to list your name and blog on this page. We want to be able to say we knew you before you became a well educated, rich, and famous SEO legend.

Important Dates:

  • 2014 applications are currently being accepted.
  • The 2014 entrance deadline date is September 5th, 2014. (You will need to provide your name, school, contact info and URL (S) which your blog post will appear) Fill out the entry form at the bottom of this page.
  • Contest ends on November 7th, 2014. (At which point, a screenshot of non personalized results will be taken of the first page of the search results for the mentioned terms.)
  • Winner will be announced the following week on Fit Small Business.


  • Winner will be determined by the non-personalized search results for the the term “coffee shop marketing ideas” as it appears on the screen of the publisher or editor-in-chief of Fit Small Business on November 7th. A screen shot will be taken on November 7th which will be used to determine the winner.
  • Only URLs that are submitted to Fit Small Business via the entry form prior to entry date will be considered. Participants must prove the page is under their control by mentioning Fit Small Business on the page.
  • In the case no entries appear on the first page of the page, no scholarship will be rewarded.
  • Rules are subject to change without prior notice at the discretion of Marc Waring Ventures LLC

SEO Resources: SEMPO   Search Engine Land   Search Engine Watch    Moz Have a question about the SEO Scholarship?  Please leave a comment below or email

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