Small Business Accounting – Here’s What You Need to Know

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small business accountingIf there is one universal truth among entrepreneurs it’s probably that none of us like to deal with small business accounting.  Way too many of us push this important task off until tax time and then end up spending a ton of time untangling the mess that we have made throughout the year or a lot of money paying someone else too.

Luckily for us however, accounting systems that automate much of the process have become affordable even for the smallest businesses.  Here is a list of links that will give you a basic understanding of small business accounting and some inexpensive software that can take most of the hassle out of the process for you.  If you have other resources that should be included on this list or have any other comments/questions please let us know in the comments section below.

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Small business accounting links:

MyOwnBusiness: Accounting and Cashflow – free course with video on how to do accounting for your small business.

A-Systems: Bean Counting 101 – a free video accounting course for non accountants.

Nona Solowitz: 10 Reasons you should use quickbooks

Utah State: A basic guide for setting up quickbooks

Frugal Entrepreneur: Why your small business needs an accountant – and how to choose one.

Dummies: How to Invoice a Customer in Quickbooks

Smashing Magazine: How to Invoice Like a Pro

SmallBusinessDoer: An in depth review of freshbooks invoicing software

LessAnnoyingCRM: How to Make an Invoice in Google Docs

Microsoft: Invoice Template for Microsoft

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