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David Waring
David Waring

David Waring is the Co-Founder of Marc Waring Ventures LLC, the parent company FitSmallBusiness.com. Prior to Co-Founding Marc Waring Ventures he held a variety of senior level positions at successful startups ranging from mobile technology to institutional trading systems.

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  1. This article is potentially misleading… There are many variables to consider when comparing a flat percentage rate like Square against an interchange plus pricing model for merchant services. Square does not charge a transaction fee, so merchants with a smaller average ticket (i.e coffee shops, smoothie bars, etc) may see a LOWER effective rate even with high total volume.

    • Jack,

      What exactly do you mean by transaction fee? Are you talking about the extra fee merchant’s charge on top of interchange rates? If so, you are still almost always going to pay less per transaction using a merchant services account. The tricky part, is whether or not you do enough processing to offset the $15/month membership fee.


  2. Hi, Thank you for doing this review. We are starting a business and had this question. This helped out a lot. I’m not sure if square has updated the product since you did this review as they now have many things that listed as none or like permissions. I will note that they charge for most of the “new” features, also they offer online and order then pickup at store, where Shopekeep does not.
    Here are a few items…
    See-online and/or order online and pick up in store (https://squareup.com/sell-online)
    Analytics (https://squareup.com/pos/dashboard/analytics) Employee tracking and management (https://squareup.com/pos/employee-management)

    • Will,
      Thanks for the update. Yeah, Square is definitely rolling out some new features and services. Trying to make themselves a more realistic competitor to other full service POS systems I imagine. Just out of curiosity, where are you leaning at this point? ShopKeep or Square?


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