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Review of Ruby Receptionists

Andrea Frank

Overall Experience
Customer Service
Receptionist Professionalism
The best of the best. Ruby is unerringly professional with our incoming calls and has a real feel for when to use our emergency over-ride call handling instructions.Our highly demanding partners are 100% satisfied with Ruby and have been for the past three years.Ruby closes on pacific time and charges top category dollar. If we could have slightly extended hours or slightly lower rates it would be great but 24/7 coverage or a cheaper service have resulted in unacceptable boiler-room call handling when we've tried alternatives for branch offices etc.I wish we could say anything negative about this service Pros/Cons style, Oh wait, there is something: the chipper, cheerful Ruby staff are a bit much very early in the morning before I've had my first triple latte. Small price to pay.Absolutely recommend without reservation if you care about how your business sounds over the phone.