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Review of Ooma

Eileen A

Call Quality/Dependability
Overall Experience
Customer Service
A lot of the comments I see here are for My Ooma, not Ooma Office. I would recommend My Ooma for personal use but not Ooma Office for business use. I use Ooma for home and have not had any problems. The features and call quality have been great.My review of Ooma Office is a totally different story. For business needs, a non-working phone system can cost a small business thousands of dollars and potential business. For us, the set up went pretty well. The 24x7 customer service is handy though I've only found the support I needed by being transferred to higher tiers of support.Before we left Ooma we had been experiencing the following problems that were never resolved:1. Inbound callers would hear ringing over and over and if they stayed after approx 20 rings, would be sent to voicemail. From our side, we would answer the phone and hear nothing but dead air.2. We had one line with our DSL provider for alarm lines and DSL. For some reason they could never figure out, calls would come to our first extension which was our virtual attendant. If the customer selected the option to go to an extension we had a connected to a phone, sometimes the phone would never ring and they would end up getting transferred to our DSL line phone number which didn't have a phone. We did not configure any forwarding or our ring group to go to that line. The tech couldn't figure it out either.3. Every once in a while we would pick up the phone to place outbound calls and there would be dead air. Our internet access appeared to be fine. Speed tests were more than adequate as far as bandwidth went. No one at Ooma could figure out why this was happening.I'm about to start the porting process....after reading some of the other experiences, I'm concerned that this might not go well....we'll see.