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Review of Lending Club


Overall Experience
Customer Service
I was happy to have the option to take out a loan with Lending Club when I needed the money. I was able to pay off the loan a year early and sent in a check for the pay off amount a week before my next automatic payment was due. They cashed the check and then debited my next monthly payment from my account as well 4 days later. I waited 2 months for a refund but it never came. When I went online to check the status of my Lending Club account, there was no record of my overpayment or of a refund owed. I called customer service and was told that they were storing this overage in a "wallet". I asked why I couldn't see this wallet and they said that it was for their internal purposes only. They are supposedly processing a refund now prompted only by my call. I was very disappointment in their lack of checks and balances to 1) cancel my automatic payment when the loan had been paid off; and 2) not immediately refund the amount owed me when the overage occurred. I really wonder what would have happened with my money in their "wallet" had I not found this mistake and called them.