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Review of FaxZero


Overall Experience
Ease of Use
I love faxzero! After 7 years of using fax with no problem, we accepted a bundle deal from Charter for my small business and they "accidentally" switched my phone lines and left us with no fax connection. They sent a technician for a cost to us, we even purchased a new fax machine and they could not get it back to work. They offered to give us a virtual line for incoming faxes directly to our email which works very well, but to send out faxes we still needed the line. That's when FaxZero saved us!!! We just scan the form and send it for free. We don't send more than 3 to 4 faxes per day so it's a perfect fit for us. No signing up, no contract, use it only when needed and free of cost. Thank you for your wonderful service! :)