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Review of Accion

micheal cantu

Overall Experience
Customer Service
Well let me first start off by saying, that my loan was approved. I signed the documents, and then they come back and say your loan is denied due to UCC liens. I have great credit all being new, and then told oh you have 4 liens. I told Jennifer Siegel , no I have never had a lien. I pay everything on time. She stated oh, it's not on your credit report, but we have to get it resolved. I am going all the way with this. I intend to contact every legal authority regarding this loan. I do not want to see this happen to anyone else. She has all of my personal information. I'm not sure why my loan went to Denver Colorado , and not Dallas Texas. Very strange, Then after I sign the loan documents. I am told that you did not get approved because of collateral. Well know did she forget that I did not need collateral which is in an email she sent. I do not think that they should receive federal money and abuse those that are in the community to grow their business.