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Review of Arvixe

A. McGinnis

Overall Experience
Customer Service
I’ve been with Arvixe for several years, and while they were good in the beginning, I’ve recently had to cut ties due to their complete and utter incompetence. The price of their service is okay, but you ultimately pay for it.I’ve had slow/completely unhelpful ticket responses before, and even had a customer service agent tell me that they’d complete an action on my account that they never did (I had to go back a second time to another agent to have the problem fixed), but last month I reached the breaking point. I had my yearly hosting renewal coming up for a business that had closed, so two weeks beforehand I went in to my account to close things down only to find that my credit card had been charged earlier than they’d previously indicated it would. I was very willing to be reasonable and allow them to rectify this mistake, but unfortunately all I received was a maddening back-and-forth of canned responses telling me that they wouldn’t provide a refund and that all they’d do was give me a ‘credit’ on my account for future purchases. Considering how helpful they’ve been thus far, I had absolutely no interest in any more of their ‘services’. Now I’m out $60 for a year’s worth of hosting.Bottom line: look elsewhere. There are plenty of other services that provide much better customer care than this. I wouldn’t waste your time or patience trying to deal with this company.