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Review of LessAccounting

Shirin Elkoshairi

Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does the company do well?
They are great at offering a full-featured accounting package that is easy to use and incorporates a lot of features that keep the books up to date in near real time. Rather than batch downloads from our bank or importing CSV files from my bank, Less Accounting pulls real-time data from our bank accounts and credit cards to give us an accurate picture as to the health of the business. With other accounting systems, we would keep it up to date as a tool to cover ourselves legally and it was never a real tool that we trusted for reporting. With Lessaccounting we can run reports and we know that the data is accurate and up to date. They also have great automation tools so when we charge our mobile phone bill on American Express, Less Accounting knows this is our telephone expense and categorizes it properly. They also have a great visual interface and excellent customer support. The support isn't limited to problems in the system but actual accounting questions are answered for us as well.
What does the company not do well?
I’d love to see more control over invoices. For instance, I’d love to be able to assign commissions to people based on what’s invoiced to a client. Right now this can be done with some tagging but there are still some manual steps that would need to occur. We'd also love to see an option that invoices would be created but not sent until we approved them first.
What about the company do you wish you had known before purchasing?
I feel they’ve been very transparent and so there was nothing I found out later that negatively affected my experience.