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Review of Accion

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Overall Experience
What does the company do well?
I am writing this as a clear WARNING of how I was manipulated over the last 30 days and it's direct impact on my personal and business life. As I am in bewildered awe, of not only how unprofessional it was handled, but the complete lack of contact, and by complete I mean absolutely none, with the exception of my calls to this organization, with the final exception of one returned call. One. I have been diligently working to structure my business and expand it in a fashion of profitability, a planning years in the works, instrumental for a number of factors, even more so as my daughter went off to University this past August. In mid December I was referred to Accion for a number of factors, including my low credit score as a result of identity theft. Secondly I believe perhaps, my race of Portuguese/Brazilian which is often called into question locally, although I did earned my bachelors degree in Economics and Marketing from studying both hear and abroad. After applying on December 29th, I contacted your organization the first week in January to follow up, explained my situation, and I was told that my application was being processed and approved, that as long as I had my information on identity theft, information on income from my company, for the past 6 months to 1 year, I was eligible and would have a positive result in a week, with an amount undetermined at that time. I had not received an email, or call, of receipt of my application, or of it's pending result, or have I to this day. I called again the second and third week of January with no returned call. Finally, I called a main number I believe in DC, and was referred to a number in Boston, I had the opportunity to speak to a woman for about 5-10 minutes, and told I would receive a call back later that day or within a few hours. I did receive a message to call someone back and did so, I left a message on Friday January 26, 2018. I had the opportunity to speak to someone TODAY and was informed that my application was denied on Friday, after my conversation with someone last Friday, January 26th, after I was informed otherwise, on more then one occasion. After I confirmed I could go forward, with expanding and investing what little I had back into the business. I was told my application was denied THAT DAY, and an email was sent to me on Saturday the 27th. I never received any such email.
What does the company not do well?
Let me be direct in informing you of the impact of what the incompetence that Accion has had on my life now. As of Today, I have no choice but to consider giving up my residence and moving in with family temporarily. I have to start making serious immediate cut backs before the first. Therefore as a result of there incompetence I may be essentially homeless, at 51 years old with my daughter in college. Although I will recover, hopefully before she comes home for break. I should have never put out the funds I did, with the expectations of getting proceeds before the end of the month, to find out now I am completely denied. Just like that, oh well type of a response today on the phone.
What about the company do you wish you had known before purchasing?
I was recently approved to sell my items on Amazon Prime. I very large if not huge expansion for my company. A process I have been working on for months. I must continue my focus on that, and other aspects of my business while, this major set back, has absolutely devastated my life. I hope going forward, your organization will take matters far more serious, as you hold peoples lives at stake, this is not just an application, or a phone call, or an email. It's a life, a lively hood, a career path, a sense of stability, your organization put not only at risk, but jeopardized and directly devastated.