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Review of Actionstep

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does the company do well?
Document assembly is powerful and robust. It is very customizable. Customer support is very good. Help documentation is quite extensive, and actively updated. Lots of features and control. The workflow bar is really nice. There handling of workflows generally sets Actionstep apart from its competitors.
What does the company not do well?
The user interface for customizations is a bit old-fashioned. For example, you might be able to control the order of a list of tasks or workflow steps, but the interface for doing this is by manually entering a "weight" for each task/step. So there is a lot of customization available, but tweaking all of the customizations to find what you want can be very time-consuming.
What about the company do you wish you had known before purchasing?
Nothing. I researched Actionstep pretty thoroughly before making the switch from CLIO, so there really weren't any big surprises. I have been using Actionstep for about a year now. I am still waiting for the holy grail of law firm practice management systems to come along, but until then Actionstep seems to be the best program out there.