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Review of TradeGecko

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
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What does the company do well?
I love the way I can create products with multiple variants and bundles.I love being able to draft estimates of orders for people.I can use the ordering system without it being attached to online sales channels, which for us was very important as we deal with large, wholesale orders placed over the phone.I like the relationship aspects of it all.The invoicing, shipping, and packing of separate shipments, are great. And i love being able to look at a glance to see status of orders and payments.The reports are VERY important to me and I run them monthly, quarterly, and annually to see what types of products, specific products, variants are selling and to whom.I use the stock control for marking the manufacturing process, and the purchase order for tracking true costs of raw materials. This all helps us to sort out actual costs. I wanted an ordering system largely to handle the data flow and be able to sort and adjust our processes and products in real time. This was the most robust ordering system we could find at an appropriate budget. It's relatively easy to use.I do recommend it and haven't heard of a better solution in the two years I've been using it.
What does the company not do well?
I can't always search well (in the orders and invoices) when I look something up. When I search a contact name, for example, I rarely can find the order it's linked to. This can be an issue as sometimes payments are run under a contact name, not the business name, or there are name of entities within the business as well as various contacts within the business and - when going in to update or alter an order - you have to search manually. This is an issue as the company grows and we don't always have the same person dealing with orders, communication, etc.We also handle invariably handle orders in multiple payments, and you cannot search invoices and orders based on payment amounts. Sometimes I'm needing to sort through orders to verify that they match up with a credit card payment, etc. and the searching has to be done manually.Editing orders after they're finalized is difficult and cause some confusion.Reports could be improved in terms of sorting, how they're viewed vs how they print, as well as printing with frozen headers, and dating every page.As we manufacture pieces after they're ordered, they're almost always out of stock, and the ordering system sometimes argues with us about that when we are setting up an order.We didn't know our true costs of manufacturing when we started and we cannot go in after a product is created and add that cost, so the profit margin tracking is worthless to us.I think a lot of aspects are evolving and are in some level of beta. It's not perfect.
What about the company do you wish you had known before purchasing?
I can't think of anything. I did a lot of research before moving ahead with this and still believe it's the right choice. I do use a separate accounting software for our company. This is our ordering, data, product, costing, and inventory software.