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Review of NetSuite CRM

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What does the company do well?
The software is ok.
What does the company not do well?
The Salesman was deceiving, and tried to sneaked in a 27% annual rate increase. Upper management didn't really care to correct the issue neither.
What about the company do you wish you had known before purchasing?
We've been using Netsuite since 2010. Previously, when we renewed our annual contract with them, the annual rate increase was about 5%, which was acceptable. However, recently when we reviewed our last couple contracts with them, we found from 2017 to 2018, they tried to sneak in a 27% increase into our contract. We contacted them, trying to solve this issue with them before paying the newest contract. Our Rep Jonathan L was not helpful whatsoever, just like how he had always been. In the beginning, he tried to ignore us as much as he could. When we finally caught him with a phone call, he told us there was nothing he could do, and we should look for a different supplier (what a great employee for Netsuite...) Meanwhile, his co-worker Maeflor D kept sending us notices to threaten to suspend our account, and delete all the data on our account (which we highly doubt is even legal). Finally, we got hold a guy named "Ramon A", who claims to be Jonathan's supervisor. We talked with him on April 2nd over the phone, and he said he would work on it and try to correct it for us by Apr 6th. He guaranteed us while we were still working on correcting the contract, there would not be any suspension on our account. Of course, on Apr 6th, we heard nothing from him. On Apr 9th, we called him again, and was told he was still working on it, and he would get back to us shortly. We still had heard nothing from him until on April 11th, Maeflor D called us, and demanded us to pay for the newest contract right away. We informed her Ramon A was still working on it, and we had to wait for him. Maeflor D acted like she didn't care at all that if she couldn't get the payment by Apr 13th, she would suspend our account. We tried to call Ramon A, with no luck. We tried to email him, but got an auto response that he was out of the office, and wouldn't be back until Apr 18th... Finally around 7:30pm on Apr 11th, Ramon A responded an email saying his upper management wasn't going to do any correction on the current contract, however, they emphasized if we would like to sign a future multi year contact with them, they can consider to do minimum rate increase on the multi year contract (What a great deal it would be for Netsuite!). Ramon A said he would give us a call about it in the morning of Apr 12th. On the same night (Apr 11th), we responded to them, and told them that we were just going to pay for the current contract with them, but no more future renewal. On April 12th, no one called us. Ramon A didn't call as he promised. Maeflor D didn't call to get the payment from us neither, although we clearly told them we were ready to make the payment. On April 13th, Netsuite turned off all of our access to our account.This case is a shame. The way those Netsuite employees treated their customers is very shameful.