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Review of Dialpad

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Call Quality/Dependability
Overall Experience
Customer Service
What does the company do well?
The UI/UX of their software is great. It is by-far the most user-friendly and nicest software of any of the VoIP solutions. The mobile app is great and they really nailed the design side compared to competitors.Configuration/setup is great. Setting up an auto-attendant is super easy as well, but it is not as fully featured as some other VoIP's like RingCentral. Does enough for what I need it to do for my business though. Configuration is straightforward and user-friendly versus many of the competitors.
What does the company not do well?
The call quality/dependability is so iffy. Sometimes it works and works well. If I'm hard-wired on my computer, it tends to work well. Most of the time when making calls on my cellphone though (even on dependable wifi), I have been told that I was choppy and they could not hear me. It has really made my look bad in many areas.There is the "beta" data calling feature that has been in beta for like 2 years now and whenever I give it a try, I end up shutting it off after a few days. I want it to work well, but in practice, I have had more issues with it than using the cell forwarding aspect.The contact management is also a mess. I often have like 3 duplicates of the same contact and I never know which one has the history in it. There is no way to handle duplicates, they are claiming often that the duplicates are inside of my Google Contacts, but I go in there and run "remove duplicates" and it finds nothing. I can't seem to find the duplicates on my end either. It has just been a rough experience. I expect more out of a company that deeply integrates with G Suite.They also significantly lack integrations. They don't even connect with Zapier even though tons of the community has been requesting it for ages. This is supposed to be a SMB VoIP solution, and yet, very few SMB companies are using Salesforce as their CRM. Yet that's the only thing they integrate with.. Feels more like they made that integration for their own usage. Why not do it for other big CRMS in the SMB space like ProsperWorks?
What about the company do you wish you had known before purchasing?
I wish I had known the issues above. But even with them, I find myself sticking with them. The pricing is great and I really do love the UX of the apps. I'm continuing to give them the benefit of the doubt 2 years later and hoping that they eventually get their act together.