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Review of GoDaddy Website Builder

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Overall Experience
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What does the company do well?
GoDaddy is one of the most used domain and hosting services out there, so it can make a lot of sense to use their website builder if you're already purchasing products from there. Their pricing at the entry level is great, they run promotions for discounted pricing, and the editor itself is very easy to use. Everything is drag and drop and "swipe to style", so it's a breeze to make a quick site. Their designs are mobile responsive, friendly to SEO, and good-looking.
What does the company not do well?
If you're looking for a highly editable site, I think GoDaddy's builder comes up short. The breadth of templates is not there yet, so even though each template is highly customizable, the layout, flow, and feel of the site isn't nearly as customizable if you're looking for lots of creativity and personalization. They basically choose your template and layout for you based on the information you provide in the on-ramping process. And that's fine because it takes the design and guesswork out of it, but it also falls short.And and it's missing some key elements like a real hosted blog (that ruins the "all under one hood" concept, because you'll need to head to something like tumblr, wordpress, or blogger for a real blog).
What do you wish you had known about the company before using?
I wish I had known about the lack of "fine-tuning" options. It's possible to arrange your elements differently, but it's not nearly as capable as something like Squarespace. Their tagline of "create your site in under an hour" is great for speed and ease, but not great for putting out a stellar, professional site.There isn't much I didn't know beforehand - a free trial lets you see how far you can take a template so you know if it will work for you. The blog issue was a surprise and makes it a no-go for me personally, but it was a mistake to not check on that beforehand.