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Review of Absorb LMS

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does the company do well?
They provide plenty of features for an LMS, and a decently user-friendly interface. I've used several LMSes and I have used worse, more complex ones. Their Tier 1 support team responds quickly as well. Their new learner experience looks quite a bit better than their old interface looked. Their reporting tool has a lot of little options you can turn on and off in it that many other LMSes don't have.
What does the company not do well?
Although the Tier 1 support team responds quickly, anything that needs escalation or is of a serious nature takes a LONG time to get resolved. If you have simple issues, expect to get them resolved quickly. If you have a REAL, SERIOUS, BUSINESS-AFFECTING issue, then hopefully you have plenty of time until it gets fixed.The interface, while easier than some others, still has some major drawbacks; for example, reporting can seem robust at a glance, but it has major holes that prevent basic needs from being met on a regular basis. You can't schedule reports. And any reports that need to meet business needs, require a fee to be custom-made.They boast a Zoom integration - but all it is is a script that puts the Zoom MEETINGS link into a course. Literally something that you could do manually without much more effort. The link is shareable, and - oh yeah - it's only Zoom MEETINGS, not Zoom Webinars.They also boast a Salesforce integration, but that costs about $700/month extra, on top of the already high cost of the software (we paid $12.5/year plus $300-$700 a month for new accounts, and that was discounted because we signed up for a 3-year contract- big mistake).They have a new learner experience which is far better looking than their old interface, but it is glitchy and leaves a lot to be desired.Lastly, I really felt like when I had my major issue, that my customer success specialist had a general disdain for me because of how upset I was. I get that you don't like dealing with upset customers - but she was condescending and generally unhelpful. I also kept getting emails from her saying, "We noticed you were not satisfied with XXXX ticket" and it was the wrong ticket that she was addressing. So when I replied with, "No, I was quite happy with that ticket," she was like, "oh okay, great!" - I had a feeling she was purposefully marking it as "Customer Satisfied" on the wrong ticket so that bad customer experiences could not be traced back to her by superiors. Nothing I could do about it though.She left me with a very bad feeling (along with a few other employees) and I just wanted to move to a different LMS. Which we have, and we are quite happy!
What do you wish you had known about the company before using?
Everything, so we had not signed a 3-year contract :)