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Review of Pike13

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Overall Experience
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What does the company do well?
It started out well but then the founder died and the core team left. There's no reason for Pike13 to exist other than to support and ripoff of the customers that started with it in 2014. It started well, but has had no significant updates other than to change the reporting dashboard which is significantly behind other platforms. Updates are moving around deck chairs on the Titanic. Sorry, this was supposed to be what it does well. It charges my credit card on time.
What does the company not do well?
How about for one, no new updates other than changing their name from Front Desk to Pike13, Didn't anyone ever tell them that they can have a software called Front Desk and a Company named Pike13? It just goes to show you how basic the leadership and staff are now. It's poorly mobile responsive, has no HTML5 reading for users, doesn't show well for your parents of children, has no payment plans, memberships, or protections that can increase security of reports, financials, pay rate. They had to create a mobile app which doesn't support purchasing through the app just to make it easier for the gyms' clients to enroll in classes. The number one complaint I have for Pike13? My customers blame me for the lack of intuitive design that Pike13 incorporates in its design. My customers hate Pike13 and blame me for the software.
What do you wish you had known about the company before using?
That they had ZERO innovation behind the founder. Unfortunately we're stuck with it, but if you're lucky enough to read this before purchasing, you're better off not starting with them in the first place.