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Review of Screenhero

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Overall Experience
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Customer Service
What does the company do well?
Finding a screen sharing solution is challenging in today's market place, make no mistake. My challenge here is to find something positive to say about ScreenHero which, for all intents and purposes, I only have access to because they were purchased by Slack (meaning Slack decided to ditch their own screensharing initiate, which was pretty bad, and purchase one). If we were not paying for Slack, we would not be using nor have access to ScreenHero. This makes writing a review a bit awkward because ScreenHero is a feature of Slack. What does ScreenHero do well? Internal communication. Period. You cannot use ScreenHero to host conference calls with outside vendors, sales calls, or anything. I strictly use ScreenHero to communicate quickly with my boss and folks at other offices ONLY IF typing in Slack proves less efficient than screen sharing (which is not that often). HOWEVER, booting up ScreenHero is way more convenient than getting everyone to dial into a Join.Me or an UberConference because its a single button click inside of the Slack client. I do like that I have control over sharing my entire screen vs sharing a standalone window/app, but that is honestly pretty standard with what is available on the market. Meaning ScreenHero's biggest upsell is convenience (as a feature of Slack).
What does the company not do well?
I'll iterate it again, ScreenHero is NOT something you can purchase outside of your Slack subscription as it is a FEATURE with your paid Slack subscription. Please be careful to note that ScreenHero, and by extension Slack, is not a screensharing program that can be used for sales calls, vendor relationship calls, customer support calls, or anything outside of your organization. That said, if you are unsure if you should upgrade your Slack subscription, it is definitely worth it for the feature unlocks (which include ScreenHero). Please note the 1-star for Pricing and Customer Service is largely due to the fact that ScreenHero is a PAID SLACK FEATURE. Therefore its standalone pricing and customer service is not applicable.
What do you wish you had known about the company before using?
Honestly, nothing. There is nothing further to note or know about ScreenHero. It is a paid feature of Slack. If you are not paying for Slack, you will be unable to utilize ScreenHero services.