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Review of Oasis Outsourcing

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For a company that is paid to be professional and keep the companies that hired them and their employees best interest in mind they sure have none of that. Apparently 3-31 is a deadline for fsa which is different then hsa to have claimed your funds or the $5000 that i NEED for my family that was taken from my paycheck only just gets taken and kept by Oasis. Now yes i should make myself aware of the laws but when your paid to manage a companies HR I would think that a few reminders would be the least you could do. They did not one reminder to their database, send any kind of reminder to our company to send our or nothing. However why would they if they can keep peoples money from their paycheck that wernt aware of this rule and didnt read line for line when signed up and figured it ran similar to the hsa account you have. So now im out $5000 that is needed for my children. A law should be made for disclosure since its not common sense. Id look for a different provider if i were to pick someone out as now i have a poor viewing of my company for hiring incompetent HR services. If your looking for bare bones service these are your people hopefully the costs matches.