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Review of Asana

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
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What does the company do well?
I love using Asana for my business to do list and planning. The interface is very intuitive and easy to use. I use it for a couple of things. Daily, I use it as a to-do list in a list format--you can also view it as a calendar too. It's easy to create tasks and assign tags, deadlines, and even cross-post tasks to different projects. I have some projects created in a 'board' layout which I love for tracking large projects as well as a more basic client CRM. For recurring projects, it's super easy to duplicate a previous project and edit it for the new project. I don't have any employees in my business, but I know Asana has great features for sharing projects and tasks with team members.
What does the company not do well?
I really love so much about Asana. One very minor thing that bugs me is that when you create subtasks within a task, I wish there was a toggle on list view that would allow you to see the subtasks without clicking into the task and viewing them on the sidebar. It's easy to forget that there are subtasks, often with different deadlines, within a task.
What do you wish you had known about the company before using?
There are some features that you can only access if you upgrade to the paid membership. Many of them are for teams, so they don't affect me, but it's good to know in advance what is included in the free version.