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Review of Brandwatch

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Overall Experience
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What does the software or service do well?
Brandwatch is the perfect listening tool for the user that wants to have as much control over their platform as possible. Customizing your own queries takes some practice (luckily the Brandwatch team is responsive and exceedingly helpful with this), but once you understand the right things to search for you can build out searches that can range from broad complete brand views down to the most granular data you could want. Even after customizing your data you can refine your view of that data further in Brandwatch's customizable dashboards. Need to see a live side by side sentiment comparison of two products or key words across the web? Easy. Need to track a list of accounts for specific key words associated with your brand? Also wildly easy! With Brandwatch you're more often restrained by your own creativity rather than what the platform itself is capable of, which is really fantastic if you're one of those users that really likes to put a platform through a gauntlet of crazy use cases! Brandwatch's ability to pull in mentions from across the web within moments of them showing up online allows for an incredible ability to react and plan at a much faster pace than you could with other listening platforms. It's great to be able to track campaign sentiment and the topics that show up in the first moments of a big campaign as soon as you begin to roll it out.
What does the software or service not do well?
Brandwatch definitely has a steeper learning curve for the average user and can be intimidating for a new user. The Brandwatch team does a fantastic job of providing training and resources for users to learn the platform, but those still require some time. Brandwatch isn't really going to be a platform you'll be able to take your busy execs through to get visibility in what is going on around your brand. Luckily, Brandwatch has some solid export tools so creating reports directly from your dashboards is simple.
What do you wish you had known about the software or service before using?
The Brandwatch sales team did a fantastic job of educating us on our potential use cases of their platform before we made our final decision so there wasn't anything we felt was missed. Any questions we had after signing were answered in our product training and masterclasses.