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What does the software or service do well?
Really everything they do they do very well. Intent data in itself can be extremely helpful and there are a lot of providers out there offering that data, Signal HQ doesn't just offer up the raw data like some providers, they truly want to do what they can to help you succeed with the data and do what they can to make it easy to understand, simple to view, and provide advice and direction on what you do get. A lot of this is done by the custom dashboards or "looks" they create, and offer the ability to create your own as well. My company has seen a tremendous difference in productivity thanks to the intent data provided. Sales is more confident in their approach better knowing what they're going up against, and an easier time building initial interest in new leads. Marketing is far more productive having a better idea which leads we need to nurture are more likely to respond and move forward, a new insight into who to market to and the results of the campaigns, essentially making every effort worth 10x what it was before. It's even useful for your own customers as well, you can keep an eye out for intent scores rising among your customers to have a heads up if they are unhappy about something but not saying anything giving you the opportunity to be preemptive and reach out first. The people at Signal HQ really is what makes the service worth it though. Alex, Hannes, TIm, are the main few I've worked with and they have all been enthusiastic, quick to help and not only welcome but regularly seek feedback on new features, any requested changes, bugs, and it's not uncommon to have that feedback acted on and changes implemented in the same day. They have been hands down one of the best experiences I've had with not only a software or service but any company at all.
What does the software or service not do well?
The only thing I could say is remotely a negative is they do carry a high price cost, but that's to be expected with intent data, but they are worth every dollar and still far cheaper than a lot of options we looked at.
What do you wish you had known about the software or service before using?
That I could be getting twice the amount of work done in a day with the same or less effort. I thought I was working smarter not harder, but didn't realize I was missing the tools needed to capitalize on it.