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Review of Smartsheet

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Overall Experience
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What does Smartsheet do well?
Smartsheet has come up with an easy solution for project management. Anyone who put together a project plan before will be able to use this right away. The similarities with Excel functionalities adds a lot to the usability. It enables collaboration between the team members, between the team and stakeholders, etc. No need to install anything on your side, just log in and use it. Automatic reminders. The ability to export Gantt charts in various output formats (xls, xml, Google Sheets, pdf, .png).
What does Smartsheet not do well?
When the project plan is big, there may some minor linking issues between tasks. I would like to have a burndown chart to see the work remaining in the project. It may become more difficult to use Smartsheet for bigger project plans both from performance and usability point of views. As it runs in the browser, the hardware resources of the machine you use become relevant. Even if this looks and behaves Excel-like, some of the features like sorting and filtering can be made more user friendly.
What do you wish you had known about Smartsheet before using?
When more people edit the same sheet, the changes made by other are not visible until you refresh the page. This may become an issue when you have more teams editing the master project plan in the same time. Too often we are seeing the site under maintenance.
Have you used a competitor to Smartsheet? If so, how does it compare?
I have used Microsoft Project and Microsoft Project Server to achieve what Smartsheet provides by default. Given the much smaller learning curve for Smartsheet, the difference in pricing, I believe we made the right decision.