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Review of NetSuite ERP

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What does NetSuite ERP do well?
We are using NetSuite ERP for: - Financial Management and Planning - Procurement - Order Management - Supply Chain Management - Advanced Approvals - Suite Solutions The best thing about NetSuite is that it is in cloud. It drives away the headaches of maintaining a local ERP installation (servers, network, applying patches and doing upgrades). NetSuite is so customizable. They have really thought about it and made it possible. Reporting - through saved searches you can pretty much generate any report. User experience is greatly increased compared with our previous solution.
What does NetSuite ERP not do well?
The testing instances (Sandboxes) are expensive and limited on the refresh, you can only have a small number every year. Our software team need more frequent refreshes for development purposes. The support is responding fast but with limited technical knowledge, until you get to higher levels which adds delays to the resolving of your ticket. The NetSuite price is per user and user roles. As an example, right now we can't have a custom role for myself (development manager) due to its cost. There is no Purchase Order approval flow possible in NetSuite, with PO versioning.
What do you wish you had known about NetSuite ERP before using?
We have very complex B2B requirements for our ERP and NetSuite doesn't live up to the expectation. There is API available for outside integration, however for internal needs we need to do a lot of Advanced Scripting inside NetSuite to customize workflows, PO approvals etc.
Have you used a competitor to NetSuite ERP? If so, how does it compare?
We have used before Oracle ERP and moved to NetSuite ERP due to various reasons. We have achieved some goals, but not all. Luckily we have a software department that can cover for the missing pieces. :)