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Review of Google Drive

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What does Google Drive do well?
Undoubtedly, it is one of the best application software for having a series of features that makes it different from the others, it has become a tool of great value, since it allows you to store files or content attached to emails, Just as another great feature is allowing you to create a backup of your photos and videos, this thanks to its large storage capacity of up to 15GB, allows you to work more efficiently with apps, as well as create and collaborate with other users, and a fundamental feature is that it allows you to access your files anywhere you are.
What does Google Drive not do well?
Particularly google drive mostly does its things well, but as always they always present their faults or things that sometimes we do not like is that of not being able to access or open some file, or in some cases it shows us that our files are temporarily unavailable , another problem that undoubtedly arises is that when we are entering through the web does not let us access by presenting an error message that says "trying to connect", all these failures that can always be presented, end up being solved by the same platform.
What do you wish you had known about Google Drive before using?
without any doubt some of the things that I liked to know about google drive is the great variety of features it has, and which allows you the ease of working with different apps such as transfer files or create a backup of your photos and videos, all in the same application software.
Have you used a competitor to Google Drive? If so, how does it compare?
if I had the opportunity to work with other competitors of google drive, one of them is dropbox, but without a doubt it is still better google drive thanks to its great variety of features that allow you to perform different things in the same software...