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Review of UserTesting

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What does UserTesting do well?
Usertesting does an excellent job at taking feedback to heart and incorporating it. I've been using it for a few years now and it's great to see how it has improved over the years. That aside, it's a great tool for doing quick usability testing and by quick I mean lightning fast! I'd launch a test in the morning and by noon I already had a report to present to teammates and stakeholders. This makes settling discussions and moving forward so much easier. With so many voices in a room, bringing in the users' feedback is so powerful and makes everyone take a step back and get a new perspective. IMO the key advantage that sets usertesting apart from the competitors is that the speed of receiving feedback is unmatched! One of the pain points before was only providing unmoderated testing option, with the introduction of the Live Conversation (remote interview) that's solved completely.
What does UserTesting not do well?
The pricing is so high that towards the end of our subscription when it's time to renew I need to spend countless hours creating a pitch for the upper management in the company and present it over and over again. It's a painstaking process and we don't have to go through for any other software/subscription. Another downside to usertesing is how professional most testers have become. At times it feels like the user's know exactly what to say and their feedback and the language that they use is not authentic.
What do you wish you had known about UserTesting before using?
to be honest in the process of convincing the upper management to spend over a 100K on a software I left no stones unturned so nothing came as a surprise once I started using the tool. Usertesting is a must for any design team and I'm happy about all the hours I spent on convincing upper management that we need this tool, it's worth the battle.