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Review of LastPass

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Overall Experience
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What does LastPass do well?
LastPass always worked well with browsers for a single user. Now it's reached the point where sharing is easy (with or without sharing the password too) and mobile devices work well. I'm also using LastPass in conjunction with a physical Yubico security key for additional security. Cross platform between Windows & iOS always worked well so I'm happy to see improving and robust capabilities on mobile. Relatively new is a feature called Emergency Access that allows a trusted person to log in to your password vault. My wife and I use this for each other. There is even an option to set a waiting period to give the user time to decline the request. After the time elapses, they get access to your passwords. There are also areas to store SSNs, wifi passwords, and credit card information. It's great having that all in one secure spot.
What does LastPass not do well?
It's hard to organize your LassPass vault without a lot of pointing and clicking. It would have been nice to have default categories for each of the major types of software products and websites.
What do you wish you had known about LastPass before using?
Associating apps with the website is a little cumbersome the first time each is used. The major apps should be recognized when they correspond to a website.
Have you used a competitor to LastPass? If so, how does it compare?
I tried a couple early on and no one else had this feature set or low price. The price has tripled in the 6 years since I first began using LastPass, but it's still only $36/year, which is great for a product that I use multiple times every day.