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Review of Google Analytics

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What does Google Analytics do well?
I like this program, it allows me to know the data of my users in an organized way and it is easy to analyze. You can filter the information in different ways which is excellent, and thus improve the quality and focus on the scope of my linked projects. Also, I can integrate it with google adsense and see all the statistics that are very detailed. It also serves to see the analysis of applications which is great! I can also know from which platform the user is entering, whether from a computer, mobile device, tablet, etc. Google analytics is our best option when you want to monitor all the information of our websites, applications and many other things. In addition, Google Analytics allows remarketing lists that can be included in AdWords. Track traffic and various conversions through each channel. Google Analytics tracks users who are not in their country but around the world. This helps when you are building a strategy that has an international component.
What does Google Analytics not do well?
It would be nice if AdWords tags are visible in Google Analytics. The board and the unique features can be a bit uncomfortable and difficult to use if you are using it for the first time but with very basic tutorials you can learn to use to squeeze the uses of analytics.
What do you wish you had known about Google Analytics before using?
I wish I had learned a little more about several things such as being able to study and analyze more thoroughly the program's analytics, because there are a lot of data that you have to know how to read and be able to study them in order to achieve the scope in terms of the statistics that you want to know in google analytics