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Review of Kindful

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does Kindful do well?
Very easy to use on the customer side. Plays nicely with other programs. I started out using stripe integration, but moved to Kindful payments to allow ACH transactions. Having donor data all in one place is huge. I started out using the Wordpress embed features, but now link to Kindful from emails. The best bit, it’s for all practical purposes free if you allow donors to add the credit card transaction charge. I think around 75% of my donors choose this, which saves us (or brings in) about $7500 extra per year.
What does Kindful not do well?
Does donor-side accounting, but not business-side. What I mean by this is Kindful measures full donation amounts, which is perfect for year end statements. But it doesn’t track post-credit card/ACH amounts, which is what is needed for a non-profit doing fund-based accounting. One of my teammates built a magic excel sheet to manage this issue, before that it was a bit of a mess. Not great on mobile. . .is possible to use, but not easily. Not a big issue most of the time, but every so often if like to enter a manual transaction when I’m traveling.
What do you wish you had known about Kindful before using?
Lots of features, hard to know which ones you really need ahead of time. I use very few now, but it does what I need.
Have you used a competitor to Kindful? If so, how does it compare?
Started out with givingtools.com, but Kindful was a much better option for managing multiple funds.