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Review of TradeGecko

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does TradeGecko do well?
I started using TradeGecko because I needed to create SKU's for my company! I haven't used every feature of the software; however, I absolutely love the document that they have provided to help create SKU's for companies. It's easy to understand and is very helpful for someone who has no experience in inventory management. I would highly recommend this software to small business owner's because there's nothing hard about it and it's self-explanatory! I am also very excited to use other aspects of this software as well.
What does TradeGecko not do well?
I have not had any bad experiences with the software so far! I am loving it and would recommend only to all feature users.
What do you wish you had known about TradeGecko before using?
I wasn't aware that it was a fairly new company that was based off in Singapore! After using the SKU generator, I started looking more into what TradeGecko has to offer and was very impressed. I use Shopify for my online store so I am planning on using their other features as well.
Have you used a competitor to TradeGecko? If so, how does it compare?