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Review of DiscoverOrg

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What does DiscoverOrg do well?
DiscoverOrg is an amazing tool. I have found the data in the tool to be more accurate than any other tool of its kind. One of the many examples that Discover.org helped in my current role is that my sales team was working on a million dollar deal to move a potential new customer to RHEL 8 but one of the stipulations with closing this deal was that they needed all of the apps in their current workload to be tested and certified to work on RHEL 8 as well. The sales rep then reached out to me with this long list of companies/products that needed to have their product not only work with RHEL 8 but also be tested and certified by us. I used Discover.org to find contacts within those organizations to start having these conversations with as a fair amount of them, we did not have a prior relationship with. I am happy to announce that I was able to reach out to many people within those organizations to first get their commitment to do it, and then contacts to work with to get this completed. This was done in a fairly short amount of time, which then resulted in the deal being closed.
What does DiscoverOrg not do well?
I do not like the fact that only some contact types are showing. I get that when you purchase the subscription, you have to pay more the more contact types you choose. However, I don't feel that this should be done that way as some contact *types* do overlap and then in turn do not show.
What do you wish you had known about DiscoverOrg before using?
There are many functions and reporting that I am still figuring out and finding on a daily basis. I would have loved to have known these things prior so that I could better prepare myself to use the tooling to its full potential Maybe even a "did you know you can....section"
Have you used a competitor to DiscoverOrg ? If so, how does it compare?
This tooling is by far the best of its kind