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Review of Accuranker

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What does Accuranker do well?
Accuranker is great to show you your positions of different keywords for your business on Google & Bing. I originally bought Accuranker under a package that offered 20 websites and up to 500 keywords. It appeared that it offered 500 keywords for each site but it only offered tracking for 500 keywords total, with a keyword being consumed each for Google desktop, Google mobile, Bing desktop, and Bing mobile.
What does Accuranker not do well?
Accuranker doesn't recommend how you can improve your SEO ranking. It does work well for giving graphical representations of how my share of voice trends over time and how it compares to different competitors.
What do you wish you had known about Accuranker before using?
1 keyword is often counted as 4 keywords if you wish desktop and mobile ranking to be reported for Google and Bing.
Have you used a competitor to Accuranker? If so, how does it compare?
I have used HikeSEO. HikeSEO offers fewer keywords per plan, but it offers recommendations to improve your SEO.