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Review of Chase

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Overall Experience
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Customer Service
What does Chase do well?
Chase is a very good bank to work with when you are looking to grow your business. They have a ton of tools to help you grow. For my business, we have used Chase for credit cards, checking accounts, and even are using them to help fund our new building purchase. The huge thing I love is that I have been able to work with a direct individual which is super nice because if there is ever a problem, I will reach out to him directly and he gets it cleared up. I love that I can avoid having to waste time to make a phone call and talk to someone I do not know for help.
What does Chase not do well?
Their Chase One Card Program is not good. I would avoid using this program from Chase by all means. We switched our credit card programs to the One Card program and have regretted it ever since. The reason is because the rewards are useless . The operating system is very old looking and I afraid of touching anything on it because I am afraid I will break something
What do you wish you had known about Chase before using?
It has been nice that Chase is a one stop shop. It is cool that we are able to get most of our financial service needs fulfilled in one stop.