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Review of WeTransfer

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does WeTransfer do well?
The explicit work that the software does, does wonders, sends any amount of MB successfully. the expiration time that is placed on each file expires at its respective time. everything works as it should work, without any inconvenience.
What does WeTransfer not do well?
The task performed by the platform makes it very efficient, really recommended, but should also have the option to save in the cloud and send the same mail to several recipients thing that does not and should take into account
What do you wish you had known about WeTransfer before using?
Actually I would have liked to know that it existed, it is a very easy tool to use. It raises only one idea and that is to transfer files regardless of their weight. In general, you don't have to know much to use this software efficiently.
Have you used a competitor to WeTransfer? If so, how does it compare?
It is the first software that allows me to make very heavy shipments without any inconvenience, to tell the truth I do not know another platform that only allows me to do so didactically and simply. although they should have more options for more convenience and user experience