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Review of Google Tag Manager

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What does Google Tag Manager do well?
First of all, Google Tag Manager is great because it is super easy to integrate with other platforms, the process is very simple and easy to perform, I like that you can create labels so that you should never start from scratch again and as far as the tags are concerned On the other hand, the platform is very visual and intuitive and everything is easy to achieve, the data is presented in an orderly and smooth way.
What does Google Tag Manager not do well?
One of the negatives is the time it takes to save projects and publish changes made to them, in addition to all this it does not have very efficient options to organize folders and documents and the preview is quite slow.
What do you wish you had known about Google Tag Manager before using?
I would have liked to know the negative aspects of this application, but also the positive aspects, such as how intuitive it is and its integration, I would have liked to know that the support is not too good and that the functions it presents are quite varied.