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Review of Shopify

Gintarė Bespalovaitė

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What does Shopify do well?
Shopify is an online shot website builder. It has a very clean and simple UI and it is easy to get used to it and there is a low chance you will get confused. It has various sales channels helping sllers to sell their products via Facebook, Messenger, Ebay etc. It also has Points of Sale program, which basically helps anyone who has a shop to sell items in person, also helping to find and buy needed equipment to do so.
What does Shopify not do well?
It doesn't have a lot of free templates and buying a premium one can be quite annoying, as sometimes you can have a hard time editing and setting everything up, so you need to get in touch with the third-party developer. When uploading product images, you have to have already prepared edited photos with corrected ratio, as Shopify doesn't automatically crop images. You have limited product options describing the items, which for some people can be quite frustrating, but that can be worked around too.
What do you wish you had known about Shopify before using?
I would say Shopify is the best online shop building tool and I don't know any other software as good as this. It has his flaws, but it is easy to work around it without any big hassle.
Have you used a competitor to Shopify? If so, how does it compare?
Shopify has its flaws in regards to building the webpage itself and when compared to Weebly or Squarespace it can be better, but from the aspect of online shop builder I find it it's better.