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Review of BuzzSumo

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What does BuzzSumo do well?
BuzzSumo is excellent for finding backlinks and learning how to push your content through all the clutter. You can find the content that has been shared using keywords, such as "christmas" to find what was relevant during the holidays. You can dive deeper with advanced searches, and you can find influencers, and their average numbers of shares, etc. You can also find out if the topics you want to write about or publish are relevant or if there's really an audience for it. It helps you create high performing content, gain insights, etc.
What does BuzzSumo not do well?
I think BuzzSumo is really straight forward, easy and simple interface that doesn't distract you from what you came in for, it's categorized pretty neatly and gives you all the analytics right from the dashboard. But I feel it's missing content from LinkedIn as well, as it only gives you Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Reddit.
What do you wish you had known about BuzzSumo before using?
The service definitely addresses our marketing needs, and just wish we had found it sooner.