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Review of TurboTax

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does TurboTax do well?
Turbotax helps make filing taxes easy. Overall, they have built an extremely user-friendly interface that walks through all the necessary steps when filing. The online version of the program is feature-rich and does not seem to be limited in any way. There are not many platforms better suited for filing online - as there are options to connect with live CPA's if one runs into any trouble.
What does TurboTax not do well?
Turbotax can sometimes be unnecessarily confusing - sometimes at the detriment of the end user. Most individuals can be lured in by the prospect of 'free' filing - while Turbotax often finds way to include different types of fees unless noticed in the fine print. Furthermore, the different paid products / services of Turbotax are often marketed over other ones that would be more beneficial to an end user.
What do you wish you had known about TurboTax before using?
I would highly recommend determining if you fall into the right tax category to attain the free filing service. Additionally, I would highly recommend finding the appropriate links that navigate users to the free service. Finally, Turbotax does a good job of finding many deductions, however, I would recommend doing some additional reading, especially if you are filing in multiple states.