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Review of Autodesk

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What does Autodesk do well?
Autodesk is a well-known company for its 3d design tools. Its software ecosystem involves a huge range of 3d design and manufacturing software like Fusion360, 3ds max, Inventor and AutoCAD. Autodesk operates around 3d content creation for businesses and individual users. Besides its 3d design tools, you could create 3d contents with the help of Autodesk's photogrammetry softwares. Autodesk's other main subjects are machining and 3d printing. It is easy to prepare 3d files for CNC machining and 3d printing with the help of some Autodesk softwares.
What does Autodesk not do well?
Autodesk's 3d softwares have great features which are accepted by the whole industry. But their prices are way too much higher than other softwares on the market. Knowing that company switched to membership payment plan. But the softwares are still pricey. And most of the Autodesk software needs a good internet connection to work smoothly.
What do you wish you had known about Autodesk before using?
Autodesk has started full version usage of its softwares free to charge to the students and start-up companies for a while ago. If I would have known that I could start learning earlier Autodesk softwares related to my job area.
Have you used a competitor to Autodesk? If so, how does it compare?
Yes, I'm using other 3d design tools like Blender and Sketch Up also. Autodesk design tools are for all aspects of 3d creation business. Autodesk's cloud service allows its users to work on any devices. Autodesk is a top-notch software company.