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Review of Insightly

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What does Insightly do well?
As I used it, Insightly was a great CRM and task management platform. I ran a sales department and oversaw the product development process in our lab so I used it to track the sales process via their custom project flow and then use the task assignment to keep in touch with the moving parts. I’m honestly sure it does way more than I used it for but, I would highly recommend it for a sales team or even a small manufacturing business.
What does Insightly not do well?
It can be somewhat hard to understand for folks who aren’t very software savvy. There are soooo many options and buttons and it seems to get overwhelming for some people.
What do you wish you had known about Insightly before using?
That my team wasn’t very software savvy! Lol! I also wished I had known how to use it better, if not just for myself. Overall, if you watch the webinars and take advantage of their knowledge base, you can teach yourself a lot on your own.
Have you used a competitor to Insightly? If so, how does it compare?
Yes. I used Salesforce a little and HubSpot. Now that I run my own small business, I don’t think Insightly is right for me because I just don’t have that many contacts. I feel like it’s better for 10 or more people. I’d recommend HubSpot’s free plan if you’re like me with a two-man show.