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Review of Typeform

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does Typeform do well?
The usability of the tool is really intuitive, which guides you through a series of steps and suggestions to improve your productivity in the process. The forms are very easy to use and customize, giving us options such as color, background and font edition. It even allows you an option for slightly more advanced users in which you can insert the form you create on your own website using HTML. The customization of forms is very complete, with options such as short or long answers, multiple answers or images, simple answers with Yes/No options, giving you great sense of freedom of choice.
What does Typeform not do well?
- If your company or brand depends on having a response to problems immediately and whenever you need it, then you will struggle a little with customer support as its service doesn't work 24/7. - If you want to customize your forms to suit your brand as much as possible this will be a bit difficult, because for more options presented by the software, only pre-designed templates will be available so you will have to adapt to what Typeform offers. - The paid version seemed a little expensive, especially for people who want to use the software for personal uses or even for students.
What do you wish you had known about Typeform before using?
One of the things that i really would have liked to know is how limited the free version is, that can be somewhat obvious since most software shows its best features in its paid versions but still does generate a great feeling of restriction, with excessive limitation in relatively simple functionalities that other apps have them as free. Another thing to note would be that the application is not present in a mobile version of Android which can limit many users drastically their productivity if they are used to working from their smartphones.
Have you used a competitor to Typeform? If so, how does it compare?
I have used Google Forms in the past and one of the main differences it has with Typeform is that it is a totally free option, it also has a better way to present forms for companies or large organizations achieving a more professional aspect, for example, the ability of adding your company logo on the form. On the other hand Typeform is more focused on user engagement, with a little more freedom of customization than the offered by its counterpart. For this and many things i have experienced i feel that Typeform brings a completely new approach to online applications of form and surveys creation, providing exceptional ease in their creation process and reliability.