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Review of Zoho Meeting

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What does Zoho Meeting do well?
The implementation of the software in the iOS mobile application is really a pleasure to use it, it allows attendees to join seminars no matter what it has already started, being able to make surveys, questions and listen to the whole meeting from your iOS device. Another thing Zoho Meeting provides is the possibility to promote links of the websites that you have, as well as on social media, email signature, thus promoting greater assistance for your webinar or meeting. Planning, creating and conducting meetings can be done faster if you wish with the option of instant meetings saving you time when you want to hold an emergency meeting with your colleagues or team.
What does Zoho Meeting not do well?
- Limitations on the number of users who can join a meeting, although this changes depending on the plan you paid for. - Problems with connectivity as participants increase within a meeting. - The lack of customization options is almost nil, leaving you not free to create or contribute your personal touch which always generates a sense of belonging to the tools you use.
What do you wish you had known about Zoho Meeting before using?
I would have liked to know that it does not offer as many functionalities as i would have liked and which are present in most online video conferencing applications, options such as integrations with social media which is something necessary today given today the level projection that is achieved with them, because of this an even higher level of exposure is lost which i find disappointing that promising this software did not have it. And finally i find it surprising to learn that it does not have an integration with Microsoft Outlook which is the email client that i use for work, in the future should definitely include this in their repertoire.
Have you used a competitor to Zoho Meeting? If so, how does it compare?
I have used Zoom in the past, and just like its counterpart present an easy-to-use interface and understand, being able to create meetings quickly from the comfort of your office or even in your bedroom for a job interview. Both offer the options to share your screen with the person you want as well as mute the participants you want. One of the things that made me lean towards Zoho Meetings was the audio and video quality it delivers, of course this depends on your internet connection but as a general performance i find it with very good quality.