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Review of DocSend

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does DocSend do well?
The interaction you have with the submitted documents is great, getting data from how they manipulated the file, if they forwarded it to someone else, the time they saw certain page, among many other things. The excellent range of options to control the document you send, things like setting an expiration date to view the file, protecting it with a password, assigning different permissions to the document depending on the person or group of people who will see the file. The speed of the registration process for new users, is only a series of simple steps and the short wait for the email to arrive with the invitation to use the program, as simple as that.
What does DocSend not do well?
It is a really expensive, I feel that they could be a little more flexible with the prices and have a better balance between the functionalities of the free and pay versions. The lack of implementation with mobile applications, taking productivity out of the software by not letting users work from their smartphones in a more fast and dynamic way. The display of documents and files can be a bit confusing, without a well-defined structure for folders. In addition to that there are some sporadic bugs in the graphical interface.
What do you wish you had known about DocSend before using?
I would have liked to have known about the limitations that the program has on the number of pages contained in a word file. You might think that these kinds of limits are not found after paying for the subscription but no, they'll still be present. Due to the high cost of the subscription these types of limits should not exist, mostly because when a company decides to purchase the pay version expect to use the product without any restrictions. So this kind of thing should be reconsidered for a future upgrade.
Have you used a competitor to DocSend? If so, how does it compare?
In the past I've used Dropbox as a solution for document sending and file management. Because Dropbox is a giant in the cloud file storage market, it offers high-quality and efficient service. One of the differences that these two softwares have is that Docsend offers analitic functionalities after sending a document that Dropbox doesn't have, giving Docsend the great advantage of being a tool that helps companies to have a better insight of the information collected from documents and thus increase their productivity and efficiency in sales and customer analysis.