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Review of Bannersnack

John Cassidy

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What does Bannersnack do well?
The ability to create templates according to the topic you want, whether it's birthday events, technology, health, among many others, thus giving you the ease of creating your banners and not having to start from scratch. The possibility of inserting actions within objects, giving more life to the content you want to create and thus attract the attention of more people. It presents lines that serve as guides that help you organize your banner, something very useful if you want to have a perfect distribution of the content within your banner.
What does Bannersnack not do well?
Importing a banner into its Zip format, the file does not work in the best way and most of the time does not even open it. The screen editor sometimes malfunctions when positioning images of a certain format and size, as well as certain sudden glitches. Templates can become a little limited, and you could create repetitive content between users which is really disappointing. The payment plan can turn out to be a little expensive and because of the problems that are still present this is something that can't happen at the price you're paying.
What do you wish you had known about Bannersnack before using?
The limit of banners in its free version in which if you exceed that limit a watermark is inserted inside of the banner, which i did not realize until after i had reopened the file a day later. Another thing would be the existence of recurring bugs in the software, which, although they are not something so serious, still generate discomfort and non-conformity when using it, these kinds of problems are those that drive away new potential customers who want to pay for a payment plan and thus continue to use the product.
Have you used a competitor to Bannersnack? If so, how does it compare?
In the past i have used Canva, which is a similar software for the creation of posters, banners and different type of online content. One of the main shortcomings that Canva presents is that there is no possibility of collaboration between colleagues, something that it is available in Bannersnack. On the other hand Canva is implemented on Android and iOS mobile platforms as well as its online version, Bannersnack on the other hand is only available in its online version in any browser on the market.