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Review of SurveyMonkey

Nate Casimiro

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
Customer Service
What does SurveyMonkey do well?
If you plan to do in-depth surveys for qualitative research projects, especially where answers are written, then SurveyMonkey is a reliable product. There are a number of advanced features and even services that will help get users to fill out your survey. SurveyMonkey is also very proactive about GDPR standards and making sure you acquire data in a compliant fashion.
What does SurveyMonkey not do well?
You need to use a lot of surveys to make their pricing worthwhile, in my opinion. Since it tracks your IP address and does not let you share one login, you will need to upgrade your plan to have more than one user and it's a pretty big headache. We have since shifted away from SurveyMonkey because it was too aggressive about trying to force us to use a different tier that we didn't want to use purely because of user seats. Also, you need to be using a paid tier for phone support. While this is fair, it means questions about even upgrading had to be answered via email with a delay in response (you can upgrade within the platform if you easily fall into one of the tiers, though).
What do you wish you had known about SurveyMonkey before using?
That they would make it harder to have multiple users and export your data over time.
Have you used a competitor to SurveyMonkey? If so, how does it compare?
For quantitative or shorter surveys, Google Forms is a far easier and more integrated product. Plus, its ability to automatically export the form submissions to Google Spreadsheets in real-time make it a far superior tool in my opinion.