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Review of BuzzSumo

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What does BuzzSumo do well?
I use Buzzsumo to track the ability to share my company's content, as well as backlinks that are acquired. I am currently the only one who uses the tool, but I have proposed it to our public relations person to help her track the collection of press releases. This tool helps my content team assess the impact of their work and the titles they use. You can see how friendly they are to society and what influential people share their work.
What does BuzzSumo not do well?
The performance management application could be more robust. For example, I cannot set individual goals for my employees. It is a goal for the whole company or a goal for all my direct reports. This does not work very well when you have multiple offices with different objectives.
What do you wish you had known about BuzzSumo before using?
Buzzsumo is perfect for content research and analysis, and even to compare content performance among competitors. It's also great to see how well the content of your website has performed over time on social networks, and to evaluate what topics interest the public so that we can select the content accordingly. The backlink function in Buzzsumo is a great addition, although I usually rely on other tools for backlinks.