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Review of Clio

Stephen Shepard

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Overall Experience
Ease of Use
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What does the software or service do well?
Clio is a multi-practice area case management platform that is hard to beat. It offers document management and assembly, scheduling, contact management, case management, communication tracking, time billing, and many other features that make practicing law easier and more efficient. Clio also easily integrates with nearly 200 other platforms to further enhance Clio's overall functionality and capabilities.
What does the software or service not do well?
While Clio provides an accounting feature, this is something that could further be developed with the platform. Based on the positive direction that Clio is headed, I am confident that we will see an improved accounting system in the future. Aside from the accounting feature, it would be nice to see a reduction in price given the large user base Clio serves.
What do you wish you had known about the software or service before using?
Nothing. Clio offers a generous free trial period and its features and capabilities are heavily documented on the Clio website. I signed up for Clio knowing exactly what I would be getting.
Have you used a competitor to the software or service? If so, how does it compare?
Yes, I have used RocketMatter, PracticePanther, and MyCase. While each case management platform is unique and offers its own set of specialized features, Clio is by far the most robust and comprehensive case management platform out there.